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DarkTabbed [Paid] 3.1.5

No permission to buy ($30.00)


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Just posting a preview of a few new features in the works, as shown in this theme under progress (Modern Gamer):
(Sorry for glitched repeating background, just a side-effect of screenshot capture method)


The two new features shown are the Logo Icon Slider, which can be placed in a few different locations. This is a common feature on many Wordpress sites and you may enter up to 10 sponsor/featured/partner logos with image links.

Also shown are the new Custom Node Backgrounds, where you may assign custom colors or background images to each node, fully responsive and works with both regular and Side by Side layouts. There will also be hover effects and three different inner content layouts (example: hide the Last Post, enlarge the title for more boldness and remove other content, etc). Each theme will come with three preset layouts designed with the theme in mind, or customize the CSS via Style Properties.

Finally, though not shown, the Slideshow system now has much greater large screen and responsive options. By default, the new Letterbox mode is enabled -- each slide image is measured and centered either horizontally or vertically with black bars (letterbox style) for the empty space. Or, disable letterbox to scale the images to best fit (with image crop).

I'm hoping to release all three features in the next update -- however even if so, they will be introductory and will have further improvements added over time.



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Hi Sonia,
It's easy to change these, just start by going to Style Properties -> [Nulumia] Header Settings.

On the left you'll see a number of custom properties, look for the "Visitor Tab Icon" items:

If you click on Inbox for example, there's a small code in the extra field:
content: "\f0e0";
You can place other FontAwesome icons by getting their codes from the official page:

Just take the 4-letter code for the icon you want, "fxxx" and resave your Style Property :).

Edit: [] you would just copy f003

Let me know if you need more help,


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Just leaving a preview of some of the new features in the upcoming NulumiaBase Framework 1.7.7, which is rolling out to all themes:

Custom Background Nodes
Add custom background images or colors per forum node with a simple CSS sheet. Includes optional overlay effects and mouseover animations. Works both in regular and Side by Side Node layouts.

New Responsive Slider Options
The slider now has greater support for scaling slide images. You can choose from auto-scaling (crop) to Letterbox mode when the slider is stretched outside of the slide image dimensions. (thanks to @Nirjonadda )

Specify Slider Locations
You can now check which locations to show the slider, currently including:
  • Forum List
  • Discussion List
  • Resource List
  • Custom Page Node Templates
  • [XFA] Blog Index
  • Specify Slider Locations
On pages with sidebars, you can also specify whether to place the slider below the navigation or next to the sidebar. (thanks to @paradoxG(r)eek )

Popup Login Box
You can now enable using a popup modal login form, instead of the slide-down top login panel. Also includes an optional image login banner at the head of the form, and options to hide form title and labels for a cleaner appearance.

Logo Icon Slider
A common feature on many Wordpress sites, you can now add a Logo Slider on various pages and locations, to display an icon carousel for sponsored/featured partners, sites, or links
Smooth Scrolling Parallax Footer Banner
There's now an option to make the parallax footer Top Row background use a slow scrolling effect. This is a common web trend today and causes the background image to slowly scroll compared to the overall page, instead of appear fixed

Improved Footer Column Layout
The footer block system now has much improved and streamlined code which will improve scaling and appearance across various screen sizes

I'm hoping to get the first several themes launched within a few days with these features!


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Yes I am also waiting for XF2 version and can't wait no more time. @whitesky Please do release ASAP with what are ready now for XF2 before we choice another style. I think this style will be hit if its get release first ... (y)
Please do release ASAP with what are ready now for XF2
Putting stress to someone, is not wise. Actually is sure way to get a product full of bugs. Coding and Design has an important final step: Debugging.

before we choice another style.
Stress and somehow blackmail. Worst of all. Let him free to work with peace in mind. Do you think that he don't wants to release it as soon as possible to earn money?


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I'm pushing very hard to get everything released asap :), XF2 editions will be the superior versions moving forward (taking advantage of all the internal improvements that XF2 offers for designers over the old platform). That being said, yes I do want everything tested thoroughly so there's no major release bugs being reported. It will be a work in progress though as I don't think all features will make it, but getting the theme out is top priority.

I will be releasing Modern Gamer for XF1 in the next day or so, as it is 95-98% complete, then finalizing DT & Simplicity for XF2 will be wrapped up.

@Nirjonadda As you said I really aim to make DarkTabbed a hit and must-have dark style for XF2 ;-)


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whitesky updated DarkTabbed with a new update entry:

NulumiaBase 1.7.7 Upgrade, Custom Node Backgrounds, Logo Icon Slider

December 17th, 2017 | Theme Version 1.0.2

To view this latest version live, please visit the Demo Forum here:

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:


This is the first rollout of the new features introduced by NulumiaBase version 1.7.7, including Custom Node Backgrounds, Popup Login Form, and Logo...
Read the rest of this update entry...


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DarkTabbed for Xenforo 2 is nearing completion, I don't have a specific date for release yet though. It will not have feature parity with the Xenforo 1 edition at release, though I will continue to add as many features in the following weeks tor each parity, and then of course surpass XF1 theme features.

The theme will however release with a more refined appearance and take advantage of Xenforo 2 aesthetics.


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The free slider in my XF2 themes now supports video, a much requested feature! There is also no need to manually tweak the video embed code to make it function in a slideshow, as is often the case. The YouTube API code is automatically added via javascript.

I will likely not be adding video back into the Xenforo 1 themes, but will stay a XF2+ feature. More news soon,
Just posted the beta preview at the new demo forum:

This is a near-final release and I will be posting the final product download right away after a few more tweaks. Initially, these Xenforo 2 themes will not have the full feature set of their XF1 counterparts, though features will be rolling out rapidly in the next few weeks! There is a ton of new content in store.

Here's a rough listing of XF1 -> XF2 features:
  • Ticker & Social Links: Fully converted ( + added ticker pause on hover )
  • Logo Icon Slider: Fully converted
  • Slideshow: Fully converted + enhanced ( Upgraded core to FlexSlider 2 system, live responsive size-change, now supports video - try it out! )
  • Sticky Thread Separator: Fully converted
  • Footer Block System: Fully converted
  • Side by Side nodes: coming next
  • Custom node backgrounds: coming soon
  • Custom or video backgrounds: coming next
  • Theme animations: coming soon
  • Theme presets: coming next
New features in progress:
  • User theme color selector
  • Page layout/position changers (Move breadcrumb, notices, titles, etc)
  • Mod support
  • Clickable nodes
  • PrettySlider system
  • Home Featured Content layout
  • Optional sound effects
  • Multi-message layout options
Q: If I bought the XF1 version of your theme, will I need to repurchase the XF2 edition?
A: No, product download files will be updated to include the XF2 theme. You will continue to have access to both.
@whitesky Sticky sidebar are not added? Great all same functionality and more improvement. I like if Slider can add functionality that allowing administrators to show the latest threads based on forum. Also can show Media Gallery.
The sticky sidebar won't be in the launch version but should follow up in very next patch. I'm also working on a slideshow plugin that can work with the database (show latest content like you mentioned) but this won't be finished until a bit later.