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Very nice skin, I am currently using it for my Clan forums. Do you plan to update it in the future, e. g. XenForo 1.1.4 and 1.2.0? Thanks. :)

Sean James

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I don't have the resource manager, but I can't see why it would not.

Worst case I would need to add some small custom CSS


Hi Sean James,

i've some issues with this style :

The logo doesn't appear on mobile explorer (I've tried the default one on android and dolphin : same issue)
And the boarder of the frame doesn't appear on my personnal computer (tried with firefox and explorer), the boarder appears on android but the width seems to be fixed ...

Can you have a look for this problems ?


(The style is not by default because of the issues but you can choose it)

Thanks for your support

Best regards.

Sean James

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In a recent release for some browsers it seems that the border-image attribute is no longer working, so in the next release I will be adding the borders using nested DIV elements unfortunately.

You say the logo does not appear on the default skin either? using mobile explorer?



The default skin works fine. The logo doesn't appear by using mobile explorer only. I think, the problem come from the boarder image because of it appears on mobile but with an issue :
screen.JPG )

(I'm sorry, i don't speak very well english)

Robert F Schmitz

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Under Style Property Groups>General>Page Width Controller the min-width setting in miscellaneous needs to be changed out to max-width: 1900px; for it to behave responsively. The BP-Brown style is the same way.

Other than that, I only have an issue with the XenTag bubble text color not being set correctly and the Arcade doesn't look good in it either.


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