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Danish translation of XenForo

Hi there.

I've tried to search for a danish translation for XenForo. But can't find any info about it.

Can you tell me if there's a danish translation of XenForo's current version.

Best regards



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A adjacent question is how "complete" a translation needs to be or if there are any places where "work in progress" are stored. I got via another forum a semi-translated Swedish version which I'm now in the process of updating for 1.2. I'm focusing the front end for users but there is a lot of translation needed and if there are other sites using Swedish, well sharing the load is always a good idea.
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Any update for Danish translation? I'd need it for my multi language forum but seems nobody released it yet.

Alteran Ancient

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I don't know of any available Danish translations. If you want, though, you could be the first! Create "Danish" as a language in your ACP and start translating the phrases. Then you can export the language.

Someone is going to have to make it if you want it. It is just a matter of who decides to step up to the challenge. That unfortunately won't be me, because my Danish language skills are basically non-existent.