dammit, where am I gonna get hookers now


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I simply cannot put into words how saddened inside it makes me feel knowing that children, girls and boys are sold for sexual perversions, sorry but I cannot go further into such a discussion, I would only end up ranting like some enraged creature seeking the blood of the guilty.

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Gumtree (UK equivalent of Craigslist) did this quite a while ago:

As of 5 January 2010, we no longer offer our own services in Friends & Dating. We hope you've enjoyed using the categories in this section, and you'll discover other exciting and useful areas in Gumtree.


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Well, I wouldn't want a prostitute to begin with.

I know that many will come out and defend prostitution but I have a few opinions valid or not.

From the prostitutes perspective: It seems as though there is too much opportunity to force people into acting as a prostitute, that opinion come from the fact that there have been too many reports of the unwilling involved in this even in places where this is legal.

From the customer prospective: I actually have a really hard time understanding why someone would use a prostitute. Maybe I am a bit prudish and naive, I was going to say old fashioned but I know this practice is very old.

I have known of people with significant other use a prostitute, that really bothers me. If you are with someone you care about I really can't understand even remotely wanting a prostitute.

When I am single I don't even want sex with a stranger prostitute or not. That is about the loneliest sex I think that exists. Not worth it and would make me feel kind of dirty.




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I wish prostitution was legal everywhere instead of just outside Vegas.
It would save me a killing trying to go on so many dates.

Another point proven on the internet...when one site closes another opens the gates to fill the void.