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We finally released the official game forum for Planet Cyrene, an upcoming planet in the Entropia Universe. The planet is developed by Digital Scryers and owned by Creative Kingdom, and I tried creating the forum so it matches their own artwork and style. I still need to tweak a few things in the styles, but something I will be working on. Main is, we released it now :ROFLMAO:

There are 4 different styles in the chooser: Planet Cyrene (Default), Cyrene Dark, Cyrene Black and Cyrene Extra Wide.

There are a few copyrights, which we still have to 'deal with' - but that will de done very soon ;)




Thank you =)

Mike Creuzer

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For the default style, I would recommend a progressive jpeg. That way it doesn't load going down. You did some of your jpegs that way. I find that large jpeg images work best that way; so at least it doesn't show blank space behind it.

I also think that the logo would look best on the left, but I guess that is a standard. I also recommend toning down the border radius.

Overall, not bad!