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A new german scifi & fantasy community, which is currently in it's early starting phase. It uses a custom design/logo and features like being to able to choose from three different forum-widths (1280px, 1000px, 100%). Also, each series/movie-subforum has it's own header graphic.

Feedback and of course new users are welcome!


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It's a little too blue for my taste but the style is nicely done so nice work. :)

One suggestion though. And it's becoming a pet hate of mine is that pesky navigation trigger icon inside the breadcrumbs that doesn't seem to fit once people make colour customizations to their breadcrumbs. I would either change that (first choice) or re-colour it but I would really suggest going with something custom as it site on index which tends to lend itself in helping to destroy the front landing area. Otherwise nice job.


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I know the username Minza from the past but can't remember from which forum, or my own hogwarts-forum/herr-der-ringe-forum?