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Cyber Central Forums is a fresh community just been developed and on its way through maintenance but that still wont effect speed or connections, We allow all discussions All legal of course Eg: General Discussions, OS Talk, Gaming, Anime/Manga, Graphics, WebMaster and any suggestions will be considered

I encourage you to signup and please help promote, It may be a small community as we have just started and gotten most stuff in order.

It is free to sign-up

Would you most likely signup if it was a paid Board software as Vbulletin, IPB, or Xenforo?



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Would you most likely signup if it was a paid Board software as Vbulletin, IPB, or Xenforo?
Nope I really dont mind if its paid or not. The main reason why people sign up is content. If you are able to produce that yourself you have a winner and the members will come automatically.

Building up a community takes a lot of time and even more coffee and sleepless nights.

Site looks nice indeed, good luck with it!

steven s

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Site Name: Cyber Central Forums
Have a great time on the site, bare with us as some things are still being updated.
Should be bear. :coffee:

We dont don't tolerate flaming or bickering unless its in a controlled and mature manner, for example your views on certain things. We have a zero tolerance policy for people who are downright rude to other members. Banter is...
How is flaming and bickering mature? dunno.jpg


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There goes that same paid theme I talked about before, very popular with people that one. But, you've made some changes adding a custom background and altering category bar colours scanning the site quickly. What I did find a little confusing, you've named some boards sounding like others present already. You have "General Discussion and Off Topic", News and Updates and Announcements". Both come under different category sections I know, one used for gaming the other for general chatter e.t.c. But would still think about defining some forum names a little better - like them, just to avoid confusion on first glance.


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Just wanted to comment that I'm sick of seeing that theme all over again, but you managed to make it stand out a little. Love the background you're using and the logo. It shows that, with a little customization, you can turn a stock theme that most of us are sick of seeing into something original.
Keep up the good work ;)