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[cXF] Twitter Widget [Paid] 1.1.1

No permission to buy (€25.00)
My host got some problems with servers. It's sorted now, maybe just need to wait for DNS refresh.

Sorry for inconvenience.
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does this work with resource manager , if i post a resource will it show on my twitter page ?
Anything you post to your Twitter timeline it will show up. You can post your RSS feeds for example to Twitter and it will show up in Twitter widget.
so when i post a resource on my forum it doesnt show up on twitter ?

No, this add on does not share your forum activity to Twitter. Whatever YOU post on your OWN Twitter, will show in this feed. There isn't any automated process that this does in taking info from your forum to your Twitter.

I'm not entirely sure how you can come to that assumption from the add-on description.
You can also use some automated service to post your forum RSS feed to Twitter first and then it will show up in the Twitter Widget.
ok just i had an addon for xf 1 that posted from forum to twitter & i thought this did the same . could you possibly make an addon that will do that ?

i can send you my 2 xf 1 addons that do it , so you can see what i mean but they need rewriting for xf 2

Can this be changed... instead of tweets from me, to show tweets TO me? (If someone tags me in a tweet)
The basic purpuse of this widget is to show tweets from specific Twitter account. For user mentions you need a Twitter search widget. I need to test it out first.
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