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I have installed the add-on and configured user group permissions as instructed. However, I don't understand why I don't see any changes?

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Go to Options age for this add-on and select the forum nodes where you want to show this.

The add-on works very well! Thank you so much. It has the option of None, but does it not have the option of all nodes?

So, every time there is a new node, it will need to be adjusted again?
BassMan updated [cXF] Thread Information Blocks with a new update entry:


  • NEW: in question type nodes the unsolved/solved field is displayed (check the screenshots below)
  • NEW: option to remove the thread description under the thread title

< in question type nodes an extra field is displayed: unsolved >
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... and solved:
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(if you click on the View solution link it takes you to the solution post)

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