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[cXF] Navigation tab icons [Paid] 2.2

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Not sure if I have enough time to play with XF1 now. This can be achieved, but it will take some time...
I hear ya, well maybe we can revisit this at a later time for a xen2 development for this. I am still on x1 thats why i asked about x1. Thank you for getting back to me.
Seems it needs some update for XF 2.2 , after upgrading XF the 2 icon's margin changed:


Issue seems to be caused by:

margin-right: 5px;
How can I determine the data-nav-id of "Group," "Competitions," "Countdowns," "Calendar," and other elements?


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I tried like this but it doesn't work.

&[data-nav-id='home']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-home);}
&[data-nav-id='forums']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-comments);}
&[data-nav-id='whatsNew']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-bolt);}
&[data-nav-id='members']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-users);}
&[data-nav-id='xfrm']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-download);}
&[data-nav-id='xfmg']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-camera);}
&[data-nav-id='group']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-users);}
&[data-nav-id='competitions']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-trophy);}
&[data-nav-id='countdowns']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-hourglass-start);}
&[data-nav-id='calendar']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-calendar-alt);}
&[data-nav-id='chat']:before {.m-faContent(@fa-var-comments);}
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