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Would there be a way if I bought this for me to use it on two seperate pages? On my site I currently sell user upgrades for "VIP" type forum permissions, access to "upgrade only" content and such.

Im soon going to be offering another type of forum upgrade that ties more into our api auth system than it does the forum its self so it would be more fitting for those upgrades to be listed seperately on their own page.

Is there a way of doing this?


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BassMan updated [cXF] Membership Page with a new update entry:


  • new feature: discount text - add discount text to any pack individually (note: you need to adjust the price manually, no automation)
  • new feature: original price - show the original price if you use discount text
  • both new features are fully customizable in style properties
  • new option for the widget to show discount text and original price in pack items
  • added new phrase for Original price text

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Hi just wondering if this page is presented upon registration, so users are choosing 1 to proceed with.