[cXF] Hide attachments with notice

[cXF] Hide attachments with notice 1.1.0

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BassMan submitted a new resource:

[cXF] Hide attachments with notice - Completely hide attachments with notice based on permissions.

Completely hide attachments with notice based on permissions. You can change notice text by editing the phrase.

  • hide attachments with user permissions (in admin control panel set permissions for a user or user groups)
  • attachments are hidden with a notice (edit phrase cxf_hide_attachments to change the text)


< with permission to see attachments >

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A link that redirect to the register form in the notice would be great and complete your excellent addon

Thank you
Click on the orange button above and you'll be redirected to my forum, register and you'll get the access.
Ok, I just went to user group permission and set the permission for registered group. It works now :)

Is there a way to make the message bigger? Right now its too small to get noticed.
Seems this addon can hide the not inserted images.
When you insert a picture, it is shown. Also it makes (maybe) problems to addons, that use thumbnails from attached images as thread_icons.
I have not watched the code.
Do you work with template_modifications or manipulating the files itself at a central place?
In this case the addon should work with resources also, right?

Ok, it is just a template_mod. Then i should etend it for the prev/next-addon and also for the tread-thumbs,
resource-attachments and resource-icons.
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If you want to show how many puctures are not shown, it makes sense like it is.
But maybe it is also enough to show the message one time per post?

The question is how we can do that and where?

At the first attachment inside or after the message? Or just always at the end of the message?
Maybe this is the best way?

If found, $counter++, dont show attachment (plus replace two empty lines with one?)
if $counter > 0, write message: $count attachments not shown. Please login!
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Ok, here some more ideas and repeat the old ones.
Some people may want to show ten times the same message, some people would prefer one.
Also we may decide where we see the message. In oder under the message-block.

The message also is shown for resources, but not for the resource icon.
In the resource-manager the cms for the text is not the same like for threads. It is only text.
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