XF 1.5 Customs Alerts that trigger on criteria?


I've tried searching for this on these forums as well in the resources, but have had no luck.

I have a ranking system that is being implemented via the user group/ user group promotions. I want my users to get a notification when they rank up. I see there is a way to send a manual alert to a user group, but this does not help as it would be impossible to manually send alerts every time someone ranks up. Is there a way I can create custom alerts to that automatically send to a user as they meet the criteria specified?


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You could use a floating notice that appears to users who are in a specific user group. When a user is promoted to that user group, they will see the floating notice. Of course it would mean that initially everyone who is already in that user group will also see that floating notice, however you could warn users that you are implementing this system and this "issue" would only happen once.