XF 1.4 Customizing "Post New Thread" button


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I've noticed that if I change settings in SP for Call-To-Action button it just change it for top button and not the bottom one.

What could be wrong? I can't find the problem.


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The button ones take care of the smaller ones, such as Post Reply. The call to action ones should have to do with buttons like Post New Thread, so your changes should be applying.


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Strange, I removed this:

border: 1px solid white;

- - -
... in Style Properties > PageNav, Link Groups and Tabs > Link Group Link and it removes border from bottom Post New Thread button.

But I still have blue border around (that border was before I customize it with new look).


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Still having a problem with buttons.

Top button looks like this:

But the bottom one like this:

As you can see the bottom one has border around and I can't remove it, like I did with the top one. But I can set the inner background colour for both of them, just not the border on bottom one.


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Finally I'm closer to issue.

If I remove padding it affects only the top button:

Is this normal behaviour or is this a bug? If anyone is willing to try on his own forum for a test...


ok, I've added 0px to top, bottom, left and right padding and it works now!

Now the only this is I can't remove the border on bottom button. Maybe I'll figure out this one too :p


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Ok, sorry for so many posts. I've solved all out (to remove border set border style to None). It was funny what setting I need to have to work for both buttons. My first like that "problem" in SP.

That's it, maybe my posts will help anyone else.