Other Customizing Avatar displays - Better as a Style edit, or new Addon?

Is it better to do this via style template edits manually, or via addon?

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Hi fellow XenForo users and developers!

I'm wanting to change the way in which avatars are saved/displayed. Currently XenForo saves all avatars to the server and displays them from there, whereas what I want to do is to get the user's avatar from an external site.

Right now, I have XenForo saving a url to the user's avatar into the database table "xf_user_profile" and update this url every login (It's pulled from an OpenID profile).

I can manually edit every spot that the avatars are displayed to instead show the image url but this is extremely time consuming and if there's any pages I miss accidentally then it still displays the local avatar.

So my question is this: Is this something that would be better to be done via style templates, or via an add-on that changes how the avatar calls are made?

If you have a better suggestion I am also open to ideas!

Thanks for the help in advance.

Kind regards,

Dirt Diglett (Mat)