Customized profiles


Hi. I'm setting up a professional community. One of my prerequisites is the ability to have very in-depth profiles — the more in-depth and versatile the better.
Two questions:
  1. Is there a way to customize xF profile pages (fields, etc.)
  2. Is there an add-on that extends the profile capabilities of xF?
Hi Brogan.
This is a human resources oriented community. In a perfect world, I need to do two separate things.
  1. Have one — or more — pages that contain everything from standard text fields (e.g. mother tongue), to multiple choices (languages spoken) to text areas (education details). Indeed, having the ability to create more than one page would be awesome.
  2. My second need is, admittedly, similar. We need to have candidates fill out 'questionnaires'. This is, in a sense, similar to a profile page so if we can create more than one profile page, we're all set. Otherwise, if there was a way to create threads that have fields (based for example on a template) that could work too.
In essence, in a world of Linkedin, Facebook, etc. there is an increasing need to store private details and I would love this to be incorporated either into xF or an add-on.
Thanks for your quick response; appreciated.


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I suspect you will need an add-on for that sort of bespoke functionality.

You can wait for 1.1 to see how much that fulfils your requirements and then have any additional functionality developed on top.