Customized Developer Question


I am thinking of moving off of Google Groups for our Home Owner Association to XenForo. I like the look and feel of XenForo over other forum applications that I have seen.

I am in need of having some customization done and am looking for a developer who can help to customize our installation of XenForo.

What I need is this ...

I believe XenForo has the option for users to opt in to receiving emails for new threads, replies to threads, etc. Our community is not a large one and many of the members are not tech heavies. They are used to Google Groups sending an email whenever anyone posts a message. I would like to have XenForo customized for our group so that the default is that whenever a new post, new thread, reply to thread ... whatever ... then the default is that all users will receive an email when that occurs. Of course, offering the user the option to opt out of receiving emails if they choose.

If anyone has the skills to do this and is interested in making the customization to XenForo, please send me a message with your information.

Thanks and kind regards,

Steve Bisel