Add-on Customizable Application/Request Form(s) add on.

I'm looking for an addon with which you can create built-in (pop up or within a page) application/request forms. When a user fills out a form, possibility to add multiple questions, drop downs, text, short answers ect. Once the forum has been filled in, have the option of it being posted to a forum as that user or PM'ed to a certain group/member.

The closest thing I could find was:
This has limited functionality, is (very) outdated, and not customizable.

Such a plugin would help out greatly and I think would make a popular addition to XenForo.

This, unless your XenForo budget isn't composed of Bigmacs! But of a very very small amount of money (which was all used up buying XenForo).


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Well on the flip side to get a plugin custom made, it would cost far greater than $25. The one @xf_phantom and the one you mentioned in the opening post are the only form type plugins that I know of.