Other Customising Layout (xenPorta) and Custom PHP Login Script

I am looking for someone who can be available on Skype when I need them to make modifications to my site. We just moved from IPB to XenForo and need some modifications.

Some changes I need

  • Change from XenPorta Widgets to Widget Framework
  • Change Homepage Layout
  • Custom PHP Script - On IPB we had a softwarelogin.php that would let users login into a utility if they were a member on our site, it sends a hashed version of their username and password and would check the user database if it was valid, if it's valid it returns the group and let's them login. (Basiclly the Windows Software sends the login to the php script, the php script checked the user database if valid it lets them login on the Windows software that is the only interaction with the site it has)
  • Change XenMedio Layout
  • Import PayPal Subscriptions from IPB Nexus to XenForo Upgrades/Subscriptions

These are the main changes I need but I need more importantly someone who can be online on Skype and just help as I go along, payment terms can be negotiated.

Please private message me your Skype Address
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