Customer User Field in add-on?


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I know I can't really include all this php in a template but I need to grab information from a custom user field to use in my code.

Example would be the steam stats grabber I was using.
It's parses XML code and requires a user to enter a STEAM ID in their profile info. I skated by the easy why by using GET and linking to them like and then treating it like an image or calling to it with an iframe.

I don't want to use iframes or treat it like an image. I would like to able to grab a customer user field and use it directly in my code.

I've tried searching but I haven't come up with much. I know about the callback methods but I'm not sure how I'd use a callback method on a custom userfield for this....

Would I have to utilize a callback and run it through a script that replaces all the instances where the user field is required and then create another page to output the information into the template?

So it'd go custom field > php callback > library/MyAddOnID/callback/method *implement it like withe jakes validation add-on* and then output it to a template?

Sorry if this was confusing... but i seem to keep messing up.
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