"Customer Lost Password Request" Does not work.


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I've bought XenForo a few days ago and unfortunatly i cant remember my password.
(This is a new Account i made just for this question)
But now, everytime i try to reset ist, I (mostly) receive an E-Mail sayning i should click the link to get my new password. Ok so far. But I never receive another Mail, containing my new Password.. I tried it with a non- Customer account and it worked.

A bug? Or is it just me?
Pls help! I can not download resources without my customer account :(

Thank you for reading


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Send a message via the form for any account related issues: Contact Us

I have checked the other account which was created yesterday from the same IP address and that one isn't associated with a license.

So make sure you don't forget to associate it with your license once you get the password issue resolved.


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Can I just add my license to this account?

Edit: And you have to go a few days back, same connection, different PC. I've got 3 accounts now, 2 community and one customer :(


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Use the contact form as Brogan has previously stated. It internally creates a ticket for you.