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I am looking at using xenForo but one thing remains and that is custom bbcodes. I have seen this thread but it relates to a version of xenForo that is not recommended for live use.

Right now I use phpBB3 and a custombb code of [smurfy][/smurfy] which basically parses a URL from a web site and displays a small image. I have played around with the live demo but can not get it to work with it, all I get is a blank post ( Attached is how it is setup in the live demo, also how it is setup in phpBB3 currently. If I can get this solved then I will most likely be migrating away from phpbb3.



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Version 1.3 has just been released as stable less than 30 minutes ago.
The demo hasn't yet been updated to 1.3.


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Something was configured incorrectly. Glancing at your screenshots, it looks like you'll need a code callback, which isn't possibly in the demo. I guarantee you can do what you want in XF tho.
Sorry for the late reply, work has been murder. Thanks for the information, I think i will go a head and get xenforo and then post in the support section to try and get it working.