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After an import from vB -> XF I wanted to change group membergroups via user batch.
I wondered why XF said "done" but the groups were not changed.

So I printed out the error text that said "Please enter a custom title that does not contain any censored words. WHAT?

So 1. totally bad that you don't get to know why a batch failed, even though XF says everything is ok.

2. for whatever reason the "custom_title" seems to be "null". Which is interpreted as an error by "censorText" and if ($title !== $this->app()->stringFormatter()->censorText($title))

Since in comparison $title = null and censorText returns ''.
Especially as it is an admin activity should this perhaps be passed over per se?

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Is this 2.2.12 or 2.2.13 ?

A bug related to custom titles was fixed in the latest release.

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