Other Custom work needed ASAP.


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I need a XenForo add on's expert for several tasks this weekend.

Following these tasks will be a lot more work.

The first two tasks are as followed:

Team member addition:
We had someone build a simple plugin that allows users to add multiple authors or “team members” to a resource: http://imgur.com/TacB4fD - it works great however we also have another custom plugin that displays the users resources in their post bit once approved. We’d like it so that if an additional team member/author is added to a resource it also displays in their post bit: http://imgur.com/tLN6ExK

Image upload on Resource Review:
We’d like to add an image upload function to the resource review mechanism. So when the review screen pops out when reviewing a resource they should also have the ability to attach images that appear along side their comment and rating.

Please only apply if:

- You're a XenForo add on expert
- You have build custom XF add ons
- You can work this weekend

Please send through portfolio's and quotes.