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Looking for some advice,

I want to build a widget that allows me to (in the sidebar) display a list of users browsing the node.

If visiting node.id x > add to the online list.

Would this be easy to implement?

Any guides to show how to create a new widget?


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You will need to create an add-on as you will need a new widget definition that includes the widgets definition class. An example widget definition class: Lee\Widget\NodeViewers

Widget example:


namespace Lee\Widget;

use XF\Widget\AbstractWidget;

class NodeViewers extends AbstractWidget
    protected $defaultOptions = [
        'limit' => 50

    public function render()
        // grab those viewing node X and send to your widgets template via viewparams
       // your code here
        $viewParams = [
            'viewers' => array_slice($viewers, 0, $options['limit']),
            'title' => $this->getTitle(),
            'hasMore' => $hasMore
        return $this->renderer('lee_widget_node_viewers', $viewParams);

    public function verifyOptions(\XF\Http\Request $request, array &$options, &$error = null)
        $options = $request->filter([
            'limit' => 'uint'

        if ($options['limit'] < 1)
            $options['limit'] = 1;
        return true;


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@Lee I forgot to add that you can get the nodeId via the routePath.

Edit: or far easier: $this->options['context']; :whistle:
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