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Hey all,

I've an Ad Manager widget in my sidebar at gotmead.com/community, and it's running over top of other widgets. Is there a way to customize widget height for that one widget?

I'm not sure how or where to put sizing info for this. The widget code is

<xf:macro template="siropu_ads_manager_ad_macros" name="ad_unit" arg-position="SideBar_Ad" />


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Oh wait, I was looking on the landing page, not the forum.

It looks like a height is already defined so you will need to contact the author of the add-on and/or the style author for assistance with resolving it.


Yeah, turns out they want the package size to be auto. Would have saved me a ton of time for them to have noted that. ::sigh:: Guess I was silly for assuming an ad space needed to have the ad size defined using their list of defined sizes.