Lack of interest Custom Warnings on uninstalling addons


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For example, the XenTrader addon.

Uninstalling the addon drops the tables it creates on install. Now while many adept admins may realise this, others may not, and with more people coming to XF every day it would be nice to give them a warning on uninstalling eg. clicking the uninstall button brings a confirmation box up

Warning, uninstalling XenTrader will permanently erase all feedback. If you wish to retain your feedback please disable the addon within the XenTrader options instead.
Continue with uninstall - Cancel

Just a thought.


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What I would like to see is an overlay confirm asking if the user would like to remove all the data. Depending on what is selected pass a third variable to the uninstall method to specify to remove data or not.

So you would end up with something like this...
public static function uninstall($existingAddon, $addonData, $removeData)
    if ($removeData)
        // do any database stuff here

    // do stuff unrelated to database


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There's already a confirmation needed for uninstalling add-ons. :confused: Unless you're asking to add more detail to the confirmation dialog about it?


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Oh so it does. I was thinking disable. Didn't notice the 2 different options. Which leads me to something I was thinking about earlier today, makes me change my mind on it :p

Back on topic, I would like it to say all database data will (or may) be lost as well. And then my part of the suggestion as well...

Actually I would like installing and uninstalling of addons to have a lot of enhancements that addons can easily hook into, like a readme, cutom uninstall message, custom confirm action etc. If none of this is coming I'll probably bundle it with mods if I get a chance to add that little touch.