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Custom UserFields into Postbit


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Custom UserFields into Postbit - Display something, again...

I was asked how I have done this on a couple sites, so I will point out some postbits that I have done that I have used the custom user fields, and mark their locations so you can see that they are able to be moved around...

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These are just a couple of examples. Once you get this...

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The xen:if is will tell if to show or not, when checking user.customFields.enhancedsearch
The a href is what will happen when you click on the image.
The img class shows how to get the Tooltip to appear, as well as where to pull the image from.

The div is for my styling purposes here, as well as the ones you see in the code above.

This should somewhat give you a good start at using your own Custom Fields. If you have any Q's, feel free. This is something I have seen others do different than myself, but in the end, the result seemed the same. the reason I do the template edit, is I like to have them move around quite a bit, and some turned on by the Style Properties, some turned off.

If there is something you'd like me to take a look at personally, again, just send me a shout. If I have time, I don't mind looking into it.

You can do pretty much anything with this. I've had custom backgrounds, custom choice that leads to certain backgrounds, superpower options, favorite teams - characters - etc... This is a pretty useful tool to learn to get quick customization results.
Thanks for this @Sheldon I can't believe no one commented or rated yet I will. I was wondering how you went about the custom choice that leads to certain backgrounds?

Thanks for all of your contributions to this community.
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