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XF 1.5 Custom User Fields: most efficient way of managing many possible choices?

So I have several custom user fields which (Drop Down Selection) with a large list of 'Possible Choices'.

The problem is, once in a while, I need to remove some, add some, and make some changes, but since each line is a separate input box, I can't just cut and paste an updated list of new choices that I sorted in a text editor into the xenForo interface.

How are other xenForo admins managing all their choices? Since there's no way of changing the order, anyone caring about sorting these options is out of options.

Easiest fix would be to change all these individually drop boxes into 1 large text area box (similar to how IPB does it).

Example of how to 'quickly' fix this:

[value1] [text1]
[value2] [text2]


Thanks. Hopefully I'm just missing something basic.
I have the same problem inasmuch as I'd like to reorganize the options once we've input them. Any way to do so would be welcome.