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I am working with Xenforo and having some trouble with Custom User Fields.

I am trying to get the Field to show "Link" or "Profile" while being clickable to the URL. I only want the Users to have to input their URL into the field.

Custom User Field Admin set up

Currently with this input, I get:


and I would like it to appear like this, with the same input.

Any help would be appreciated
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If you want the browser to open a new tab use <a href="{$value}" target="blank">Link</a> .

I added a custom field which it takes a URL from users and as a result it shows the address of that URL, but how is it possible instead of the URL it shows the page title?

If I add this piece of code
<a href="{$value}" target="blank">Link</a>

It will show "Link" or whatever words that I put between A tag.
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