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Playing around with the Custom User Fields... And I’m trying to do something but there are limitations... this is a thread for a suggestion.
First, let me explain. My community is a Fan Club of an artist. I would like to add some custom fields to pick the favorite song , favorite album, etc... and show them under the user's message info box.
On achieving that, I’m limited on some aspects. For example, I want to show a picture of the favorite album under the member’s user message info box. I’ve added a custom field, type: drop-down selection, added some values and some text and added a value display HTML. The limitation is on the values I can add. I’m limited on the number of characters and the type of characters I can add in the value choice.

For example, my html link looks like this:
<a href="http://mywebpage/discography/album/close-to-you.303"><img src="http://mywebpage/discography/artwork/4e4b52032ede09.93003668.jpg" alt="Close to you" /></a>

(By the way, the filename is an existing file that exists in the filesystem, and i can’t change the filename.)

Therefore, the value display HTML should look similar to this:

<img src="http://mywebpage/discography/artwork/{$choice}" alt="{$value}" />

or this:
<a href="http://mywebpage/discography/album/{$choice}"><img src="http://mywebpage/discography/artwork/{...}" alt="{$value}" /></a>

But that won’t work because I’m limited on the size and type of characters for the value choice! I could make it work by copying and pasting the filename into another folder and renaming the filename to a shorter name. But, then, I will have duplicates and there’s no point of doing that.

There are other examples, similar to the one above...

I remember, a long time ago, when I was using IPB, I was able to do just that because they had aliases...

So my question is: How can I achieve what I’m trying to achieve in xenforo? And if I can’t, maybe aliases to values is a great suggestion...

Feedback, Opinions?

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i'm guessing aliases in custom user fields is out of the question...
Is there a mod that could do just that ?