Custom user criteria


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Does anybody know how to create new user criteria, e.g. for use in notices? Couldn't find anything by searching.

Thanks :)


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Not sure if this works for what you're trying to do, but you could simply set it up like this.

Privileges and Status - Select user is logged in, and also user state is valid.
Content and Achievements - User has posted no more than X messages, set to zero.

Turn off the Notice may be dismissed option as well if you'd like, then the notice will remain until the member makes their first post.


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The hook you listed above is what you need. It's a hook into the admin template helper_criteria_user. Look through that template to see how the options are formatted. Create a new code event listener listening to template_hook with your content to insert, and add it to your add-on.


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Has anyone released an addon that implements this? I'd like to see an example if possible. Would rather avoid the trial and error phase if possible!


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So I've implemented an admin template, setup a user_criteria and all is working except when I edit a notice the previous values do not show up. This is the template I am using, am I missing something?

<template title="steam_helper_criteria_privs" version_id="1" version_string="1.0.0"><![CDATA[
    <label><input type="checkbox" name="user_criteria[steam_state][rule]" value="steam_state" class="Disabler" id="ucrit_steam_state" {xen:checked $userCriteria.steam_state} />{xen:phrase steam_state_is}</label>
    <div class="criteriaQualifier" id="ucrit_steam_state_Disabler">
        <xen:select name="user_criteria[steam_state][data][state]" value="{$userCriteria.steam_state.state}" inputclass="autoSize">
            <xen:option value="associated">{xen:phrase steam_state_associated}</xen:option>
            <xen:option value="deassociated">{xen:phrase steam_state_deassociated}</xen:option>


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Oh, I see. I had to do:
array_merge($hookParams, $template->getParams())
Is there somewhere that would explain what $hookParams and $template->getParams() are and how the differ? I doubt I should be merging these.


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$hookParams are the parameters that are passed via the hook, such as:
<xen:hook name="some_hook_name" params="{xen:array forum={$forum}, thread={$thread}}">
$template->getParams are the parameters available to the template (usually $viewParams).