Custom Thread Fields Question (explanation why it's here in thread)

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Hey, hope you're all doing well. So I'm an Administrator on a forum but I don't pay for it so I cannot access the Customer area hence why this thread has been posted in off-topic, I am really sorry if I am not supposed to do this.

Just to be clear, I am in no way good at anything related to coding on websites, I've touched on it a little but never gone further than really designing a page. Also, I am quite blind and sometimes jump to "that isn't here" too fast and may have come across a post which shows you how to do it, but I have come off too quickly to realise.

Pretty much I just would like to know if I can make a thread entirely Custom Thread Fields. I want to make something where you have to follow the format meaning you don't need to read the information thing as it would all be presented to you, so you'd have the entire thing ready for you (by "thing" I mean all the text boxes you're supposed to input information to). I have looked around and even tried altering things myself but out of fear of going insane and/or breaking things for a forum I don't own, I think it's safer to ask.

That is all for now, thanks in advance for any replies, and once again I am really sorry if I'm not allowed to do this.

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You can be as sorry as you want if you don't have a license no one will help you and this thread will be closed.


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We can only provide support to licensed customers and associated accounts.
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