XF 1.2 Custom theme problems.


Hi All,

I'm in the process of converting my custom vBulletin theme to work with XenForo, I'm a long way from being done but I'm struggling at getting all the middle content to line up :(

On the front page I've got everything to fit nicely http://www.claretandbanter.co.uk/XenForo/index.php

However, when you goto any other page the main content doesn't seem to to stay within the boundaries: http://www.claretandbanter.co.uk/XenForo/index.php?forums/main-forum.2/

I've tried playing with Content and Page Width Controller under the General section and even tried some custom code in extra.css but it doesn't seem to stop it over stretching the boundaries, can someone help me find what's causing this? :)


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In your CSS for .sectionMain, you have the following:-

.sectionMain {
    background-color: rgb(44, 44, 44);
    padding: 10px;
    margin: 10px auto;
    border: 1px solid rgb(211, 139, 44);
    border-radius: 10px 10px 10px 10px;

Take out the margin line.


Awesome, that got some of it and now just need to work out what's causing the button rows to continue overlapping.

Problem seems to happen on other pages :(

Thanks for that :)


In case anyone is interested I managed to solve this problem :)

If you disable responsive design, then make your content area smaller than 1030px it pushes the content out of the right side. I fixed this by setting content width controller to 20px's less than the content setting..

Why this only happens if you go below 1030px I don't know, but I've got it working now so I'm happy :)