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Hi Folks,

I'd be interested in getting a quote for a custom add-on that will allow me to change URL routes based on forum ID. For example, any thread in forum IDs 1,2,3 will be of the format /articles/threadname.123/ rather than /threads/threadname.123/

As you can guess, I'll primarily be using this for an articles sub-forum, but may also make a /news/ section too.

Please PM me details of your quote if this is something you would be interested in :)



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Not without specifying each individual route individually (which would only work for incoming links I believe, I haven't tested it), no, nrep couldn't.


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You could also do this I think via .htaccess
Not sure if that would be possible, as it's not possible to tell which forum a thread is in from the URL alone (plus it would be separate to the XF core, which would cause other problems when XF links to those threads).