XF 1.5 Custom Registration Fields, Remove Avatar and Signature

I have started the process of converting my board from vB4.2 (ten years) to Xenforo.

Its a private board for pilots from my airline group. I currently use custom registration fields which are required on registration for staff number, rank, aircraft type etc. This is used to authenticate registrations and assign permissions. How do I do that with Xenforo?

Being a private board for professionals avatars and signatures are not appropriate. How do I prevent their use/disable them in Xenforo?

I suspect I will have a few more questions before this process is complete :)
Custom fields can be made required:

Admin CP -> Users -> Custom User Fields -> Create New Field
> Field is required
> Show during registration

Avatars and sigs can be disabled in your usergroups:

Admin CP -> Users -> List User Groups -> [click the group]
> Upload an avatar
> Edit signature
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