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Tracy Perry

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How do you REMOVE a user from the custom user permissions area? I have not been able to figure this one out yet, and I've been playing with it for the last 2 hours.


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For future reference if anyone encounters the same issue.

The "Unlimited" and numeric values also need to be reset to default and 0 as shown below.


Clicking the grey Quick check all: Not Set (No) button at the top doesn't reset those so they need to be done manually.


Edit: Please ignore, forgot Mod-Status also keeps them in the list! Sorry!

I just moved from VB to XenForo and i tried to remove a custom permission using the steps above.
But for some reason the numeric value resets to "Inherit" after saving, but ONLY when it's Zero.

So at the moment i can't seem to remove the custom users. Could that be a bug or am i missing something?
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I have already done that and they still show in in the "User Permissions" section. I can't remove some old user with permission. I think this is a bug.
In VBB I just move them from User Permission groups to User registed. That's all, very simple. I don't why xenforo so complex this? May be it is a bug?


Just to give feedback, I'm on 2.1.3 and used this to success:

Click on Quick check all: Not Set (No) at the top of the user's permissions page.

In doing so, it did set all the numeric values to 0 while setting others to 'No' and the user was removed from the list of special permission individuals. Cheers.