XF 1.5 Custom Moderators and the Reports Alerts


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1) If I add users to the "Moderator" usergroup, will they automatically see the "Reports" item at the top of the screen like I do when I am logged in as Admin?

I have one moderator who I did not want to give "Moderator" label to use his username on posts. I assumed that I should go to "User Permissions > Search his Username > then modify his permissions (primarily in the general moderator, forum moderator, and profile moderator sections).

2) Does this effectively give him moderator capabilities without the label "Moderator" appearing on his username?

3) Is there a more efficient way to accomplish that goal?

4) Lastly - will *this* user see the "Reports" item at the top of the page? If not, how could this be added for him?

Thank you.
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