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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me 🤷🏼‍♂️

An error by Admin managed to delete a custom template that I inherited and I have very little knowledge of BBCODE.

We have a forum but also an external video site for larger uploads.

Members normally embed the media from the external site into a thread on the forum but now thos does not work.

I have managed to get the BBcode written to the point where it takes you to the main page but no matter what I try I cannot get it to the specific media uploaded.

I can manually edit it and add the media id but cannot figure out where I am going wrong so it automatically shows the specific media.

Any help would truly be appreciated as I've read the manual and tried numerous variations but still no joy ☹

Thank you 🙂


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It's not really clear what the issue is.

Are you saying you had a custom template which an administrator deleted?

If so, there's no way we can know what the contents of the template were.

If the template is part of a third party add-on then you can rebuild the master data which will restore the template in the style.

Otherwise you can restore a backup on a test installation to see the template contents and manually recreate it.


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Sorry, yes it was a custom template that was deleted.

I have only just taken this site on and I have managed to partially figure out how to configure the template again.

I dont know if this makes it clearer so I'll try again

When members embed media from out external site it shows this on the forum

Where as I need the specified media I.d to link to the correct video like this

I do apologise for my naivety

Thank you