XF 1.3 Custom Logo from a table?

Ok, so don’t laugh me off the board here. I may be making this way too hard because of how I did it on my vB board, and if I have to rethink things on here I can do that.

On my vB board my logo is actually a set of graphics living inside a table. I have a colored background, and graphic #1 on the left side of the logo “bar.” I have then have graphic #2 centered inside the logo bar, centered between graphic #1 and the right side of the bar. Finally, I have a black bar underneath the whole logo to set it apart from the rest of the board. By putting all this inside a table, I was able to easily create a logo bar with a second graphic that floats left and right depending on how wide the display window is. It works great.

So, my first question is can I do this in Xenforo? If so, wherewould I put the table code?

If I cannot, then I will have to rethink the whole logo, and will just create a single graphic that I can point to. I suspect the colored background and black separator bar won’t be a big deal to add. This approach won’t be the end of the world, but if I can just easily use the table method it seems that it would save me a fair amount of work.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?