Add-on Custom league system with seasons [Paid]


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I'm looking for a developer to create a custom league system for my Xenforo installation. I have design docs and requirements when a developer reaches out, but I'll summarize how it would work in theory.

This custom league system would be created with flexibility in mind. I'd want it able to use custom fields of sorts so that it could be used for shooters, sports titles, and so forth. These custom fields would allow statistics like K/D, wins, goals per game, shots attempted, losses, etc. These statistics would be manually entered by the user after the game, and their opponent would have roughly 24 hours to submit results. A screenshot would be able to be attached/linked to for verification of the statistics.

This would also need to support multiple players as a team, and to be able to designate a user as a "captain" of sorts that would give them full control over that individual team.

Lastly, I'd be looking for the ability for users to vote a certain team or player for various user-created awards in that league. A trophy would be assigned to the winning player/team as well.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing back from a few developers & discussing details!