Custom Importer for vB Blogs 3.8 to XF 1.3 as Threads


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I migrated from 3.8 over to XF a few months back. I left behind old blog posts from the crappy vB Blog system in 3.8. I thought about trying to upgrade to vB4 before migrating in order to use the built-in blog importer but in the end I couldn't justify going that route.

I still have the blog system sitting there in my old dormant vb installation. I would like to see if I can get a quote on a custom importer that would import just under 1,000 blog entries as threads, along with the associated attachments. Seeing as how something already exists in the vB4 importer I'm hoping it won't be too difficult.

Feel free to PM me a quote. I probably won't be ready to start this until at least next month, if not the month after, but this will tell me how much I'll need to save up for. If anyone would like to help me fund this resource to get it done sooner, PM me for that as well.