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Custom Forum Icons


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This is a quick and easy template modification to assign custom icons to any or all forums on a per forum basis. All forums other than the one(s) you specifically define to be custom will continue to show as they normally would.

Just open up the EXTRA.css template and add the following code:

li.node_37 .nodeIcon
background-image: url(/images/forum_icons36x36/custom_icon_image.gif) !important;
You will then want to edit image path in the code above to whatever your custom icon of choice is and change the '37' in li.node_37 to the node id of the forum you would like to replace the icon for and you should be good to go. If you want more than one forum to have a custom icon you just need to repeat the above with the proper node id and image location.

To find the node id of a particular forum just visit the forum thread listing and you will see it in the url, take this forum, the Template Modifications forum for example:


The id would be 37 in this case.

A note on limitations with this, when using the above template modification, unread vs read forums show an identical icon for forums that have a custom icon.


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Nice one - for simplicity's sake, I'd name the icons the same as the forum ids, so it would be 37.gif for your example above, but that's just me.