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Custom Field Sorting: Drag n Drop / Alphabetical


Well-known member
When you add custom fields with a lot of choices, its important to order the choices so that members can easily find the option they need.
I set field choices up alphabetical to make it easy for members.
But if you want to add field choices later then it is not possible to reorder them. You can also not move choices to a different field, because that will mess with existing values. So then you can only add choices at the end which becomes chaotic. The result is that members cant find the choices they want to select.

Please add field choice sorting to prevent disorder.

I would like to suggest two sorting solutions:
  1. Drag n Drop
  2. Alphabetical Sorting

This is not only important for XF custom fields, but also for addons. Pretty much all major addons have various custom fields.
Some of my fields have dozens of choices. I hope you can imagine why this would be very useful to have.