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Custom Field Callback


Well-known member
Using _postSave() to add points to my xfpoints_currency field. The problem I am having is that when accessing it I have tried the following:
  protected function _postSave()
     $visitor = XenForo_Visitor::getInstance();
     $promoModel = $this->_getPromotionModel();
     $userField = XenForo_Model::create('XenForo_Model_UserField');
     $values = $userField->getUserFieldValues($visitor['user_id']);
     $xfpoints_promotion_code = $values['xfpoints_promotion_code'];
     $promo = $promoModel->getCodeByCode($xfpoints_promotion_code));

     if ($xfpoints_promotion_code == $promo['code'])
     $promoModel = $this->_getPromotionModel();
     $promo = $promoModel->getCodeByCode($this->get('xfpoints_promotion_code'));

     if ($this->get('xfpoints_promotion_code') == $promo['code'])
Neither works, it returns a null value meaning it is not able to get any data from the database so $xfpoints_promotion_code and $this->get('xfpoints_promotion_code') are invalid and I'm unsure of the proper way to check custom fields against data I pull before awarding points.


Well-known member
I may have found a solution as I didn't look at XenForo_DataWriter_User so now I am looking at the method they use there to grab the field and I'll adapt it then test. I'll report back my findings.