XF 2 Custom Escrow System Intergrated with Crypto currencies

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I am looking for someone who is able to create a fully automatic escrow system that is intergrated with our xenforo installation completely along with using a service like electrum so there isn't any addtional fees (other than the transaction fees).

We ideally want to be able to support PayPal, Bitcoin, Ether as a priority and if possible other alt coins such as XMR, LTC, XRP, etc.

The system needs to be designed in a way similar to e.g https://paxful.com. A user can create a "listing" and another user can buy said listing, however if opting to pay via crypto they need the correct amount or more in their on-site wallet that would allow them to then purchase the item in the listing. This then locks their funds and the sellers listed item/service into an Escrow that gives the buyer an opportunity/button to "release" their payment once they are satisified with the transaction.

Incase of disputes there also needs to be a built-in system to give specific usergroups permission to manage/handle escrow disputes, extremely important this is a permission that can be assigned to a usergroup and is not just hardcoded to something like Super admins only.

If you believe you would be capable of doing this please contact me either here or through DM with any experience you have, any examples of similar work, a timescale and quote for how much you would want to be paid for this project.
I think I have prepared a plugin that can meet the features you want more than enough.

This is the first plugin I made in xenforo
We have been using it for 2 years

we will put it here soon.
I can help you with this if you wish...

Only Currencies
Bitcoin & Litecoin & Dash Coin & Dogecoin

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