XF 1.2 Custom BB Code Media Site broken


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I just noticed in 1.2 that my custom BB Code Media Site is broken. When I try to put in the URL, it says "the specified URL cannot be embedded as media".

Is this something in 1.2? Because none of my code has changed. Here's what I have:

Media Site ID: members_music
Site Title: Members Music

Embed HTML:
<iframe width="660" height="170" src="http://localhost/forum/includes/share.php?music_id={$id}" frameborder="0"></iframe>

I'm able to put the media in manually and it shows no problem.


But I still can't paste the code in the embed box or have it auto-embed.
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ohh i just realized why what I told you didn't work....

if you use regex (which the example I gave you was) you would need to go to the advanced tab and check the box for:

Use 'Match URLs' as PCRE regular expressions

heh...good job