XF 2.0 Custom BB code language (LUA)

Hi, i am trying to include a custom language (LUA) in BBcode. I found this post by @Chris D but i guess i am missing something.

- I've downloaded prism-lua.min.js - this
- Template "prism_macros" modified to include the js file as bellow.
<xf:macro name="setup">
    <xf:css src="bb_code.less" />
    <xf:js prod="xf/code_block-compiled.js" dev="vendor/prism/prism.min.js, xf/code_block.js" />
    <xf:js src="/wwwroot/js/xf/prism-lua.min.js" />
- Added "lua" line under "Allowed code BB code block languages" in admin panel.

Yet it does not work for me ... lua is not present in "Insert code" drop down and if i use it manually via [code =lua] it does not mark the syntax at all.

What is the last piece of puzzle which i am missing here please?