XF 2 Custom Addon


Hi All,

I need an addon that will hide all thread replies (except the OP) based on the group you are in.
In my case, I want to hide all thread replies to users that are not logged in so just the orignal post is visible.
Native XF allows me to hide the entire thread, but that is no good either.

Under the OP (for users that are not logged in), the login form should display.

I've looked at all paid addons that have similar features (e.g. https://xenforo.com/community/threads/ozzmodz-hide-replies-in-thread-paid.187511/) but they don't have the functionality that I want.

Send me a message if you can create an addon for me.

Thanks AndyB, I already have a subscription to your addon set.
I was hoping to have a login/register form show instead.
Is this possible?
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