Custom Addon Needed - Prevent cart abandonment


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We use a modified version of the xenforo resource manager for our online shop/cart

i would like to add this feature: Prevent cart abandonment

Imagine this scenario:
A customer finds a great product in your shop and they have every intention of buying it. When they get to the final checkout page they have second thoughts. Maybe they couldn't find their credit card or had to step away from their computer. This is where "P.C.A" comes into the picture. Without you needing to do anything "P.C.A" will email the customer a short while later reminding them of their order and asking them to come back to complete it. This works really, really well.


Email frequency customization
Every shop is different. "P.C.A" lets you choose how frequently your reminder emails will be sent.

Email template customization
Your reminder email is completely customizable. Add images, HTML, coupon codes - it's up to you!

Order searching and sorting
Real-time searching and sorting is easy with the "P.C.A" dashboard.

Recovered statistics overview
A great way to visualize how well your reminder emails are working.

Email address customization
Maybe you want to use a personalized email address for your reminder emails?

Recovery email preview
An easy way to test how your reminder emails will looked when delivered to your customers.

Email again option
Option to send a reminder email for a specific order again!

Bcc option
Get a copy of each reminder email sent to you!

Please start a conversation with me if your interested
Thanks :)